Investment instrument based on new generation blockchain


Our crew has created a neural network capable of learning based on the knowledge and experience of professional traders.


HighRewardCoin’s objective is to offer a wide circle of people an opportunity to gain high rewards by making use of our rich experience and advanced tools that include machine learning and blockchain technologies.


Our bots are continuously improved and avoid numerous tiny errors typical for human actor during the trading on global exchanges. The humans are subject to emotions, moods and other external factors. Our companies’ trading bots are exempt from any such risks and therefore we can guarantee maximum gains. We invest significant resources into the development of neural network in order that our bots would be able to expand the spectrum of traded instruments and work with wider scope of exchanges and financial products.

What is High Reward Coin


HighRewardCoin is a monetary system built on the Ethereum platform combining all the best properties of this platform.

  • Simplified transfers
  • Convenient remittance of assets
  • Fast immediate P2P transactions
  • The total amount of tokens is restricted
  • HighRewardCoin is absolutely free from governmental or banking management
  • The blockchain ledger insures your funds from hackers, scammers, and brute force.



Coin Name: High Reward Coin

Symbol: HRC

Platform: Ethereum

Total Supply: 12.000.000 HRC

Total Sale For ICO: 9.240.000 HRC

Total Refferal and Bounty: 10% of seling HRC

Token Sale Price: 0.8$-1,75$ = 1 HRC

Price After ICO: 15$

Token Sale will be open from 20.01.2018-20.02.2018

Soft cap: 1.000.000$

Hard cap: 12.730.000$ (The amount can be lowered)


HighRewardCoin trading token system will include a wallet where the users can keep, track and handle their personal HRC funds. Its interface will provide you with convenient and automated tools for browsing your token purchases and investments backlog as well as current assets. (See also ICO information on our site). The wallet is designed to be used in the token sale and an ensuing active HRC space. It is based on Ethereum’s strategic ERC20 protocol and is assumed to be used for storing HRC tokens exclusively.


MyEtherWallet (no download needed)

MetaMask (Firefox and Chrome browser addon)

Mist (Desktop)

Parity (Desktop)

imToken (iPhone)

imToken (Android)

Our HRC wallet is currently under development and will be presented shortly so that you will able to store your tokens in the wallet based on our proprietary platform.



HighRewardCoin has developed the tokens that comply with ERC20 standard rooted in Ethereum ledger and allowing efficient implementation of HRC tokens.
ERC20 is a reference protocol that ensures the compatibility of coins, which contributes to the viability of HRC cryptospace. This means all ERC20 based coins are a variety of Ethereum tokens adhering to strictly defined standards. The complete compliance with ERC20 requires for the developer to integrate certain series of commands into their smart contract enabling them, in case of proper implementation, to have an access to the following functionality:

1. Generate the total reserves of coins
2. Calculate the balance of the wallet
3. Remit the tokens
4. Confirm the transfer of coins

ERC20 ensures smooth intercommunication with outside smart contracts and dAPPs in Ethereum ecosystem. The coins that feature only part of standard functionality are viewed as no fully compliant with ERC20.


HighRewardCoin (HRC) is a digital token designed for purchasing investment products on HighRewardCoin platform.

The platform will accept HRC tokens exclusively, which, after ICO, will only be available for buying at coin exchanges.

After the launch of lending system, the platform will have an internal exchange for users’ convenience.

Why HRC will grow. We have one of the most appealing lending programs, and many people will want to participate in it, driving the HRC price higher. Our experts predict a 10x-14x rise during the first 3-4 months after the appearance of HRC on exchanges. The company will also direct part of its income to repurchase HRC off the exchanges, thus reducing their amount in circulation and driving the price upwards.


After the end of ICO our token will appear on the following exchanges:



Collecting data on transactions and
trading strategies on forex market.
Dealing with 100 brokers.
Release of the first trading bot and
debugging its trading activities.
Generating steady income.
Extending broker base to 500 contacts and scaling the strategy to binary options.
Extending broker base to 800 contacts and scaling the strategy to Bitcoin and Litecoin cryptocurencies.
Extending broker base to 1000 contacts and scaling the strategy to the 50 top cryptos from the Coinmarketcap ranking list.
- 09/2017 -
Final tests of all systems. Preparing for ICO.
- 10/2017 -
The work on HighRewardCoin website is started.
- 11/2017 -
The development of mobile apps for Android and iOS is started.
- 12/2017 -
The development of HighRewardCoin smart contract.
The launch of HighRewardCoin website
The start of marketing campaign
- 20/01/2018 -
Launching ICO.
- 20/03/2018 -
The launch of HRC trading on
The launch of internal HRC exchange.
Reaching the price of $15
- 27/03/2018 -
The start of Lending program
Reaching the price of $35
- 29/03/2018 -
The launch of mobile HRC wallet for iOS and Android.
- 05/04/2018 -
Listing on Coinmarketcap
- 05/06/2018 -
Reaching the price of $110. Entering the Conimarketcap’s top 100 cryptos list.
- 06/07/2018 -
Issuance of our own debit card.
- 07/08/2018 -
Development of HighRewardCoin platform.
- 08/08/2018 -
HighRewardCoin conference in Macau for all VIP participants of Lending system.
- 09/10/2018 -
The launch of beta version of HighRewardCoin merchant system.
- 10/11/2018 -
Opening the offices in 20 countries around the globe.
- 12/2018 -
Closing the fiscal year and drawing plans for the next year, 2019.


HighRewardCoin has developed a progressive and innovative credit system highly superior to those of the competitors, since our objective is to integrate several marketplaces of digital finances. We have refrained from daily payouts due to recognizing the increased risks of lowered interests for investors’ community. Instead, we have projected the plan that presupposes the payments in specific periods with increased interests depending on the deposit amount and chosen duration.
Such an approach secures the proficiency of investing in ICO sales, mid- and long-term trading or our operations with binary options.
HighRewardCoin platform ensures the proper workings of our ecosystem, demonstrating transparency and safety of our transactions, because our primary task is to protect the finances of our customers and affiliates shaping our growing social system.


FAST lending Profits program

This system is designed for those customers who prefer to get their returns as fast as possible. For them our team has created a special product, short-term, but, respectively, less profitable. But it will also find its customers since the investors’ capital is protected as reliably as in the standard lending program.

This plan is setup for those investors who desire to profit in the fastest available way. For these folks our experts have developed a unique option with short term of running, though, of course, with lower yields. Nevertheless, this option will definitely appeal to some of our clientele as your investments here are safeguarded with the same trustworthy mechanisms as in the normal lending version.


The HighRewardCoin platform will become accessible to our subscribers upon the scheduled start of ICO sale. The platform will provide our users with original and customizable account page with the tools for participating in ICO, utilizing digital wallet, joining affiliate and lending programs. Keep track of the ICO schedule and sign up to draw maximum advantage off our platform and testify to the efficiency and usability of provided tools, settings and options.
At the moment we have a platform ready for PC and mobile device web browsers and are planning the launch of mobile apps for most popular systems that will be available in Apple Store and Google Play.
However, before we announce the launch of the applications, beware of fraudulent ones that may appear in these stores.


Our intelligent contract enables us to issue only 9,240,000 token for ICO sale, and 10% of the sold tokens amount is reserved for referral payments and bounty rewards.

Before the launch of ICO the link to intelligent contract will be available on our website, and each investor can verify it and assure themselves that all their interests are duly protected.


The HighRewardCoin homepage will feature the level or degree based system of sales.

This way the earliest investors will get the most profitable and attractive price, and then the price will be increasing.


After the sale of tokens ends in one round, the next one will start automatically.


Our crew decided to incorporate an extended referral system. We did it to avoid paying our money to large global corporations who profit off advertisements. Instead, we will distribute this money within our community by means of referral system. The system would encompass both ICO and lending programs.

The referral program will also be applicable to individuals who will invest their
tokens into the lending program.


The amount of token you bought will be automatically transmitted to your wallet on HighRewardCoin platform, and the same is true for the coins allocated to members of affiliate program as soon as the referrals are approved.

The coins are stored in the wallet until the finalization of ICO, and afterwards you may choose to remit them to one of the exchanges listed on our site where they may be traded.

Token Distribution


Given the active and intense worldwide adoption, proliferation and accessibility of machine learning, our team is extremely happy to present this innovative project to our audience. We are constantly and untiringly working towards the growth, extension and evolution of our proprietary neural network in order to deliver even higher profitability to our fold of investors. Our staff features the leading professionals in this field, which ensures faster and more expansive development than that of competitive firms. Our company presents a perfect instrument for the functional realization of profits. Therefore this ICO equips you with an unprecedented opportunity to partner with real professionals that are undeniable leaders in the area.

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Kwong Chiu Chan
Yong Chee
Song Cai
Security expert
Chang Lee
Machine learning expert
Mark Goldshmit
Financial markets expert

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