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How does one input and output BTC with HighRewardCoin?

Our wallet has the functionality for storage and instant exchange of your BTC for HighRewardCoin. The transfer of BTC is done in a single click.

Is it possible to reactivate the Suspended HighRewardCoin wallet?

Definitely. You may inquire about reopening your frozen wallet by messaging the HighRewardCoin staff. You should also be able to give a reasonable explanation and proofs for uplifting the ban.

What currency is used in HighRewardCoin for lending?

HighRewardCoin lending is done via HighRewardCoin tokens. HighRewardCoin network bases the calculations of any lending and payment on US dollar rate.

Will I profit by forwarding new participants to the system?

Sure, HighRewardCoin provides a profitable premium plan providing you with the opportunities of additional profits for your affiliates’ HighRewardCoin lending investments and their purchase of HighRewardCoin tokens via ICO.

Are there low and top levels for deposits?

The lowest allowed depositing is mere $100, while the top size of a single transaction is $99,999. However, you are able to open several lending transactions after 24 hours since your initial lending.

But wait, isn’t this a scam by chance?

The investors are prone to view lending offers as hazardous and risk-laden. Prior to joining, one should weight all the failure factors. Yet HighRewardCoin guarantees that we don’t engage in any scamming or criminal actions. Our objective is to build an ambitious no-nonsense network that would be profitable to everyone connected.

What is HighRewardCoin investing in?

HighRewardCoin invests in three different instruments to exclude any risk: forex, binary options, and cryptocurrencies. All three instruments are manages by the trading bots using the state-of-the-art strategies.

Why are you sure that HRC price will be growing?

We have one of the most appealing and customer-oriented lending programs, and a substantial part of coins sold via ICO will be invested into it. After launching the lending activities, we will use unencumbered capital to purchase HRC off the market thus creating its shortage.

How soon will I receive my HRC tokens after the payment?

When paying in ETH, the contract will automatically and immediately credit it to the balance of the wallet which you have specified in your account settings. When paying in BTC, the tokens may appear in your wallet few days later, depending on network confirmations.

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